RSS feed for Reddit stories that score over 1000 (or any score you like)

RSS feed for Reddit stories that score over 1000 (or any score you like)I love Reddit but I don't get to visit every day and I worry about missing good stories. So I created this RSS feed of Reddit posts that score over 1000. Here's the feed link:

1000 won't work for everyone so you can customise the feed from the Yahoo Pipe I built:

You can also specify the subreddit.


It feels a little grand to be calling these features but here we go:

  • Links to images have the images embedded into the feed.
  • If the link is to an html page it embeds the image from that too.
  • Links to youtube are embedded.
  • The feed has a link to the comments page, the posters page and the subreddit page.


The Yahoo Pipe gets its data from the top stories of the day. On the "all" subreddit for example top stories of the day rarely get above 2500. That's not to say stories don't eventually get above that, it's just you have to look at top stores for the week or month etc to see scores that high.

As this pipe only scrapes the top stories for the day you'll start to miss out on stories if you put a value over about 2000. The same goes for subreddits but with a different threshold.

If you'd like a higher threshold option let me know and I'll look into making pipes that get their data from the top week and month stories.

If you subscribe with google reader this becomes relevent:

Basically google reader has an algorithm for working out how often to refresh a feed. If the feed is relatively new to the world that interval will be large but will get smaller. And you can manually refresh if you want to.

  • Roflmao

    This was _exactly_ what I was looking for. Easy to use, customizable, thanks so much! Now I only wish there was something similar for StumbleUpon’s best, hahaha.

  • dung

    Could you fix this pipe?